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Life Isn’t Always Rainbows and Butterflies

A lot of pastors today teach what’s called the prosperity gospel. Maybe you’ve heard this type of message before? This is where, we hear claims that the promises of God are just waiting at your footsteps. Prosperity preachers indicate that health, wealth, and happiness are what you always get when you walk with God. The problem with this prosperity gospel is that it isn’t the truth at all.

If you’re at all familiar with the Old Testament, you know of the prophets, like Jeremiah. Jeremiah was called by God, but not to a life of prosperity. He committed his whole life to doing God’s work, and in return was rewarded with a life of tears, torment, and torture. Like many of the other prophets of the O.T., Jeremiah is just one example of why the prosperity gospel just isn’t true. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.


God never promised earthly reward.

Unfortunately, God never promised that this life would be easy. We’re all just a bunch of sinners living together on the same planet. There’s bound to be trouble eventually. Life itself has it’s fair share of challenges and difficulties we have to overcome. The fact of the matter is that God never promised his followers earthly reward. He didn’t say that this life would be easy, but he said that many would be persecuted. Look how they treated Jesus. That’s how you will be treated as a follower of Christ.


In the darkness of life, you’re not alone.

Though we were never promised an earthly reward for following Jesus, we are told that we’re not alone. God became flesh and lived a sinless life. After a few years of ministry, he was falsely accused, beaten, and tortured. He went to the cross on our behalf. Jesus lived through the worst of times for us. He warned his followers that there would be times when we’d be treated in a similar fashion. When we face one of life’s many difficulties, we need to remember that Jesus persevered through difficult times. He went to the cross. He can help you through it. We’re not alone when life gets dark.


There are many people that are struggling right now to get through the many challenges that life throws our way. We don’t need more false promises of health, wealth, and happiness. These lies only lead to disappointment. Instead we need to remember that life can get tough, but we’re not alone. If you’re experiencing a difficulty and would like to know more about how Jesus can help you through it, contact Scott today.


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