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The Leaf Doesn’t Work

Do you have a favorite Bible verse? Some people I speak with like the passage where Jesus turns water into wine. (That’s a fun one!) Others are quick to rifle off the “do not judgepassage. (Let’s not get into that right now.) Many people choose to call Jeremiah 29:11 their favorite. Whatever verse you call your favorite, I think Genesis 2:25 might be better.

The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” -Genesis 2:25


Creation How it was meant to be.

Naked, singing songs, and eating fruit sounds like the ideal life for a lot of us. All joking aside, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. In the early days of creation, the idea of clothes never occurred to Adam and Eve. God created all things. And when God created Adam and Eve, they were naked. After creating, God looked back on the masterpiece He had just made and said that it all was “very good”. (Gen. 1:31)

Adam and Eve lived in a creation that was good. They enjoyed innocence and openness between God and between each other. There was no need for quite times, no need for devotions because they were with God. Nothing was hidden. There was no need to defend or protect. It was perfect communion with God and perfect community with each other. It was creation how it was meant to be.



But just a handful of verses later, things weren’t looking so good. Satan tempted Eve, and eventually Adam, to sin. They rebel. Because of this rebellion, our days of being naked in the garden were over.

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.” -Genesis 3:7

Because of our rebellion, we live in a world filled with guilt, shame, insecurity, and pain. Things aren’t the way they were meant to be. We’ve all felt the effects of this Fall. We long for creation how it was meant to be, yet we live in a fractured version of God’s creation.


The Leaf Doesn’t Work.

When I was younger I wore glasses to school. (At least that’s what my parents thought.) I didn’t want my classmates to pick on me, so I devised a plan. I would wear my glasses when my parents dropped me off, and when school was in session I would hide them in my backpack. Just before I saw my parents, after school, I’d slip my glasses back on again. Days, weeks, and months went by. I hid this lie everyday. It worked until the next parent-teacher conference, when my mom asked how my new glasses were.

This isn’t just something we do when we’re younger. We do this with our careers, our families, and even with religion. We think that if we can just be successful enough, or financially stable, or if we can build a good reputation in our community then nobody will really know what’s going on inside. We think we can pretend to be this perfect Christian family where everyone reads their Bible and nobody swears. If we pull it off, people will think we have it all together. At church, we sit in the front row and we sing the loudest, only to hide the guilt and the shame that’s being built up inside of us.


Hiding doesn’t work. The fig leaves that Adam & Eve made for themselves were no match for the brokenness. We don’t need another leaf to hide our guilt and shame, we need a savior to take it away. Jesus is the only answer to the brokenness. He’s the one that came running to us when we were running and hiding from Him.


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