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Why I’m Not A Jesus Robot

Some time ago I was talking to a friend about Jesus. After a few minutes of conversation, he said this:

“Sure I believe, but I don’t want to change. I still want to have fun. I don’t want to be a Jesus robot like you.”

In my years of telling people about Jesus, I’ve heard my share of reasons why people won’t give their lives to God. From timing issues, to life plans: things just get in the way. But this excuse was different. Is the Christian walk supposed to be boring? Can one really have fun when they are with Christ? Doesn’t Jesus want us to enjoy our lives?

Fortunately, I don’t think like my friend.


Jesus is going to change things.

My friend was exactly right. Bringing Jesus into your life will change things. You’ll be different. In Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus he compares the ‘old self’ to the ‘new self’. It’s the before and after of the Christian walk. Paul is clear though that they aren’t the same. When you’re with Jesus, you cannot continue to live the life you used to live before you knew Jesus.


Christianity isn’t boring.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Without getting into a long and unnecessary explanation of the nature of our Triune God, here’s something we should take away from the first verse in scripture: Jesus created everything. He spoke the world as we know it into existence, and it’s all for our enjoyment. Sure, after sin entered the world death followed, and the world took a turn for the worse. We’re now in a spiritual battle of epic proportions. There’s conflict. In parts of the world, there’s even persecution. Christianity is far from boring.



You can’t truly enjoy life if you aren’t living for Jesus.

In the gospel accounts we see many examples of Jesus eating and spending time with friends. The fact is that Jesus did a lot of that. Jesus set the example for us to enjoy life. We cannot truly enjoy life if we aren’t living for Jesus. Since day 1, we screwed up and destroyed our standing with God. In order to set it straight, Christ came and offered himself on the cross in place of us. Like that wasn’t enough, Jesus then was raised from the dead, proving that through faith we can have life. It’s as simple as that.


Jesus doesn’t want you to become a robot for him. Instead he wants you to truly give your life. He gave his so that you could have life. So, go live the lives you were meant to! Have faith in Jesus, live to glorify him, and your life is bound to be exciting. Live for Jesus and enjoy life.




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