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How to Garage Sale Like a Pro

It’s the weekend. That means it’s time for another blog post that’s short, quick, and fun! It’s also spring, and spring means garage sales. My wife is the ultimate garage sale-er. She always comes across those hidden gems that everyone is searching for. You want to garage sale like my wife does? You want to garage sale like a pro? Here are 5 tips to help you do just that.


TIP #1: Go early. Go often.

The old saying is true. The early bird does get the worm. You want access to the best items garage sales have to offer? Be the first one there every morning. It also doesn’t hurt to get an early start this garage sale season.


TIP #2: Know what piles are worth digging through.

If there’s junk on the top, chances are there’s more junk on the bottom. Something catch your eye in another pile? That one might just be worth digging through. Personally, I look for piles with tools, books, or even sporting goods items. What do you look for?


TIP #3: Be a bundle king.

Ever heard of the whole “make me an offer” routine? Are you the garage-sale-negotiator type? The bottom line is sellers don’t bite at every offer. If your offer isn’t speaking to the seller, bundle that sale with something else. The bundle almost always pays off.


TIP #4: Park with caution.

We’ve all been there. After hours of finding nothing, you finally come across a sale that looks promising. After purchasing a few things that just might be worth while, you find that your car is blocked in by other fellow garage sale patrons. It takes 10 minutes before the driver behind you will finally let you leave. That’s 10 precious garage sale minutes lost. Lesson learned.


TIP #5: Get to know everybody.

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of garage sales is hearing the stories of the people doing the selling. It’s an amazing world out there. Take a minute and talk to the people hosting the sale. Hear their stories. Who knows, you might just get a discount.


Go out there and put this professional advice to good use this garage sale season. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your best garage sale find, and be sure to give us your email address for daily post updates (bottom of site).


(Photo by Flickr User: Accretion Disc)

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