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A Broken Church

Looking back at the early church, or the church in the book of Acts, you can easily tell that church today is different. Most of the time, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the church is broken. First, let me clarify something. When I say church, I mean every believer on the planet. I don’t mean the church I’m working at, or the church you’re currently attending, but everyone who believes in Jesus.

If you haven’t read through the book of Acts, I encourage you to do so. Look at how those early believers had passion. Look at what they did. Afterwards, it’s easy to tell that today’s church is broken. We’re not as passionate as those early church believers were. Today’s church is more opening accepting of sin. Somewhere along the way, something went wrong. But what? Here’s what I think is wrong with today’s church.


Lack of Trust

God has called us to action. He’s called us to step out on that call. Today, Christian’s lack the trust to step out of their comfort zones and act out on that call.


Lack of Passion

What happened to the passion, boldness, and zeal that the early church had in the book of Acts? Did we lose it somewhere along the way? Are we missing something?



Tradition and ritual have chocked out the truth. We’ve completely forgot about the function and reason behind these practices, and put the importance on the tradition or ritual itself.


Acceptance of Culture

We’re growing more and more adapt to the society of sin. Tolerance has turned into acceptance.


Lost Love for God’s Word

We are growing a generation that’s prone to be Biblically-illiterate. Christian’s have lost sight of our God-breathed privilege.


Lost Love for Christ

Jesus loves you. It’s time we start loving him back.


The worst part is that these problems are only getting worse. There’s no question that today’s church has completely missed the markThe good news of the story is that there’s still hope. Check back soon for my answer to this problem of epic proportions.


NOTE: This post is a remake of an original post, titled “What’s Wrong with the Church” that was posted on February 3rd, 2012. The original post, and it’s content also makes an appearance in my upcoming book, Wake Up.


(Photo by Flickr User: Paxson Woelber)


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