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The Best Black Friday Ever

The most hyped up retail event on the planet is quickly approaching. Yes, Black Friday is right around the corner. Ads are flying, stores are unpacking inventory, and police forces are gearing up for the biggest spending frenzy of the year. Last year alone, it was estimated that store sales were well above $12 billion, with another $1.9 billion in online sales.

Personally, I’ve taken part in this dangerous day of shopping for a few years. One year in particular stands out in my mind as the best. It was the year that I ended up leaping over the tech-counter at a major retail outlet for the latest & greatest gaming system. (This event took place when I was a sinful young man & I do not recommend you try this at home!) That same day, I went on to purchase a lot of great merchandise for next to nothing. It was great, but it was nothing compared to The Best Black Friday Ever, found in scripture.


1. It was the darkest day of all.

Black Friday originally received it’s name because of all the accidents & violence that this day of mass shopping often creates. When faced with super savings, the worst of people often come out. Darkness is the best way to describe these such Fridays. According to scripture, the darkest of Fridays happened when Jesus hung on the cross. Matthew 27:45 says that for about 3 hours, while Jesus died a tormenting death on a sinners cross, darkness came over all the land. The day in which we placed the sinless Savior on a sinners cross, was in fact the darkest Friday in history.


2. There was enough for everyone.

Too often, shoppers embrace the cold Friday morning and fight their way through the crowds to find empty store shelves. Retailers stock only enough to run the ad, and never enough to run them out of business. On the darkest Friday, salvation was & still is available to all who have faith in Jesus. There wasn’t just enough to go around for a mere morning. There’s enough for everyone! That’s the ultimate Black Friday find.



3. It was free!

On Black Friday, it’s all about the deals. Some retailers offer discounts of 50%, 75%, and even 90% off. But on the darkest Friday in history, the Savior offered salvation to a sinful people at an extremely discounted rate. This gift of God was offered to us free of charge. Jesus already paid the price. Since we messed up, there was always a price to pay. By sacrificing his own life on the cross, Jesus paid our debt and gave salvation to us for free.


Let me remind you that the story didn’t end in the grave. He rose from the dead and proved that this free gift for everyone was the real deal! It was truly The Best Black Friday Ever. Have a Black Friday experience that’s a close second? Comment below!



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  • Alex King December 5, 2014

    Wow, that was a great analogy! I never thought of Black Friday like that. I have never braved the crowds. My Black Fridays are usually spent in the woods enjoying Gods beautiful creation!

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